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lifeinsurance-lgeWhen it happens…
Living with his wife Julie and three energetic boys, Darren never got much time to himself. But when he did he liked to swim. Or try to exhaust the family’s border collie by running on the beach.

After complaining about headaches for a month or so – not uncommon with three boys – Darren decided to get them checked out. The news he was suffering from a malignant brain tumour floored him. He could barely bring himself to tell his wife Julie.

Knowing he’d taken out a life insurance policy when his eldest was born was one of the few positives running around Darren’s head. He knew the money would eliminate the mortgage. And there would be enough left over to cover the boys’ school fees, give Julie an income to live on, and take them all on a family holiday.

The insurance company paid the full $500,000 lump sum on diagnosis of the terminal illness – meaning the family could pay Darren’s medical and palliative care costs up front. lt also gave Julie the ability to take time off work to look after Darren in his final weeks.

The above case study Is for Illustrative purposes only and not based on any particular person.

Source: OnePath Life Ltd dated November 2010

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