TPD Cover

tpd-lgeWhen it happens…

David was an avid road cyclist. Exploring the National Park near his home was a great way to clear his head after a hard week at work. It was during one of these adventure that he was hit by a motorist and suffered a broken neck.

After doctors confirmed that he would never walk again, David feared that he would no longer be able to provide for his family. As a plumber not having the use of his legs meant he no longer had a career or a way to make a living.

The only bright spot was David’s Total and Permanent Disability insurance which he’d taken out when he got married.

His TPD Coverage paid out a lump sum of $100,000 which he used to help pay off his business debts, install ramps in his home and start intensive rehabilitation to prove the doctors wrong.

David also used the money to pay his tuition in advance for a business degree which he studies by correspondence – giving him a chance at a new career… just in case the doctors were right.

The above case study is for illustrative purposes only and not based on any particular person.

Source: OnePath Life LTD dated November 2010

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